Events in Corralejo and La Oliva.

Corralejo has grown from a small fishing village based around the old harbour into a sprawling town that contiues to be developed. This development obviously affects the environment, as more development mens there is less natural space, and more people means greater demands are being placed on the space that remains.

The ayuntamiento in La Oliva does a good job of helping to organise events in the municipality. I attend some of these events and when I do I tend to take photographs. If I take photographs of any of the events I wll put some of them on here.

Fuertebike 2008

Fuertebike 2008 Fuertebike 2008 took place on 23rd February 2008. The event saterted and finished at the Baku Water Park in Corralejo. The link takes you to photos of the event.

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